Shipping Information


We ship with Canada Post.
Typically, we ship with domestic and international postal services because those offer the cheapest shipping option. Only in some cases, and to our sole discretion, we will select a different carrier like UPS or Purolator, for example.
Shipping options without tracking: Economy, Small Package
Shipping options with tracking:  Tracked Package, Expedited Parcel, Xpresspost

“Economy” shipping has some limitations.
The “Economy” shipping option uses Canada Post letter mail services. This limits the thickness of a shipment to 20mm. This option will not be available for international shipments, for larger parts, heavy parts or parts with high value. As soon one item in the cart exceeds the limits for “Economy” shipping, the option will no longer be available at checkout.

How long does shipping take?
One of the most asked questions but one we can’t answer. Check on Canada Post website how long they think it could take, and then add another 2-5 days to be safe. Longer as-estimated shipping times do not qualify for a refund (see return policy).

How long is your processing time?
We process shipments in a specific order. First, orders from Digikey, Amazon and eBay will be finished within 24 hours of receiving, followed by all other orders (chronologically). The processing time for these orders is typically between 1 and 3 business days, depending on our workload.

Is there a delivery guarantee?
Any trackable shipment is insured, and the carrier will be responsible for lost or damaged orders. If you select the “Economy” shipping option or “Small Packet” (USA and international) without tracking, there will be no insurance for your order.

Do you ship worldwide?
We provide shipping to Canada, the USA, most of Europe and many other countries. We will ship to your location as long your country can be selected when entering your shipping address.

Do you offer free shipping?
Free shipping to US and Canadian customers is available for orders with a minimum amount. This amount is displayed on our store homepage and can change any time, for example during a sales event.

What can I do if my order doesn’t show up?
Please see the Canada Post website for help if your order included a tracking option. If the tracking was not updated for at least ten days (domestic) or 14 days (USA, international), you can file a claim with Canada Post. If the tracking shows your order was delivered but you didn’t receive it, you can file a claim already after 2 days. Next, you contact us and submit your Canada Post ticket number in order for us to file our part of the claim. Should you have questions regarding this process, please contact us.

If your “Economy” shipment did not arrive within 20 days after we confirmed shipping, we would issue a shopping coupon covering the value of your order.

We are not able to re-ship lost orders. You would need to place your order again.

[updated 08/21/2023]