5 x MOC3023 Optocoupler DIP-6 with Triac output 400V AC

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MOC3023 is the most versatile member of the MOC302x Opto-Insulator family. The other models MOC3020-3022 need a higher minimum LED current to safely latch the output (10-25mA). The MOC3023 only needs 5mA, resulting in just about 1.15V LED forward voltage, which makes it the perfect AC switching device to drive by low-voltage microcontrollers (down to <1.5V operating voltage). The very low LED current can be provided by pretty much every microcontroller available on the market today.

With the capability of switching up to 400V AC and a nominal current of 100mA (max. surge current 1A), a 10W resistive load can be driven directly on 120V AC.

Maximum power dissipation: 300mW
Maximum insulation voltage: 5000V


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