5 x SS49E Linear Hall Effect Sensor 4.5-6V – Magnetic Sensor – TO-92

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The SS49E is a quite popular linear hall-effect sensor to measure magnetic field strength. In contrast to the A3144 we also offer, which is only switch with on or off output state, delivers the SS49E an output voltage linear to the magnetic field strength.

The SS49E needs an operating voltage of 4.5-6V, and can deliver an output current of typically 1.5mA, which is enough to drive micro controller inputs and a small LED for example.

You will find the full data sheet on UNIVERSAL-SOLDER official website, or by using your favorite search engine.

This item contains 5 sensor chips SS49E in the smaller TO-92 package.

SS49E data sheet (PDF)

1 review for 5 x SS49E Linear Hall Effect Sensor 4.5-6V – Magnetic Sensor – TO-92

  1. 5 out of 5

    m.p (verified owner)

    These are easy to use and pairing one up with a neodymium magnet makes for a great contactless sensor that’s immune to dirt/water/etc. I’ve used these in several projects (all with 5V Arduino boards like the Pro Micro) and they’ve all worked (and worked the same). If there’s no magnetic field present it puts out half the supply voltage (or 2.5V if running from 5V). Then, depending on which side of the magnet gets close, the output voltage will go above half the supply or below it.

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