CANADUINO® Permanent Breadboard XL – 1904 Tie Points

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CANADUINO® Permanent Breadboard XL – 1904 Tie Points

After developing your project on a solderless breadboard, you would typically design a custom PCB and wait 2 weeks for its delivery. And then, maybe, you find out there is a small mistake in the board layout and you start over, losing even more time.

The CANADUINO® Permanent Breadboard allows you to move your project from the solderless breadboard to a solderable PCB 1:1.

Our Permanent Breadboards have even 6 tie points per signal on each side of the middle line, compared to standard solderless breadboards with only 5.

  • Bottom side is free of solder mask for easy cutting of traces.
  • Vias (tie points) are plated-through for better connectivity and mechanical robustness.
  • Mounting holes (3.2mm) allow for easy mounting with spacers or standoffs.

For dimensions please see image gallery.

Note: The CANACUINO® Power Supply and USB-UART add-on for permanent breadboards is NOT compatible with this model.


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