Dual Axis Analog Joystick Module with push button function

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Introducing our Dual Axis Analog Joystick Module with push button function – the ultimate solution for precise and responsive analog control in your next project! Featuring two 10k Ohm potentiometers to accurately measure X and Y angles, this joystick module is the perfect choice for a wide range of applications.

Thanks to its voltage dividers between GND and supply voltage, the joystick’s middle position (neutral) delivers a stable 2.5V output on both X and Y axes – making it easy to interface with popular microcontrollers like Arduino. Whether you’re navigating a menu, controlling a game, or moving a cursor on a display, this joystick module delivers smooth and reliable analog output.

Measuring just 34 x 26mm, this joystick module is compact and lightweight – perfect for projects where space is at a premium. And while it may be small in size, it’s big on performance, providing precise and accurate control every time.

Please note that due to its size, we are unable to ship this module with economy shipping options. But don’t let that deter you – with its affordable price point, this joystick module is a great choice for any project that requires high-quality analog control.


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