ESP32-C3 Super Mini Development Module 4MB

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Introducing the ESP32-C3 Super Mini Development Module 4MB – a powerhouse in a compact form. This module features the advanced ESP32-C3FN4 RISC-V MCU, making it ideal for sophisticated IoT applications. The module’s size, just 22.5 x 18mm, is perfectly designed for space-sensitive projects without compromising functionality.

Equipped with 4MB flash memory and 400kB SRAM, it offers ample storage for complex programs and data handling. Its 384kB ROM further enhances its capabilities. The module includes a USB Type-C port for programming and debugging, making it incredibly user-friendly and accessible for both beginners and experts.

Additionally, the ESP32-C3 Super Mini module comes with a ceramic antenna for reliable wireless communication and includes Boot and Reset buttons for easy operation. Its 2 more GPIOs than the popular Seeed Studio XIAO module give it an edge in connectivity and control options.

Designed for 3.3V supply and logic level voltage, this module is incredibly versatile and can be integrated into a wide range of electronic projects. A unique feature is the blue LED connected to GPIO 8, which can be programmed as per your project requirements.

Compact, powerful, and flexible, the ESP32-C3 Super Mini Development Module is an essential tool for anyone looking to create innovative and efficient IoT solutions.