Arduino Pro Micro Atmega32u4, 5V, 16MHz


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Pro Micro Atmega32u4 is an Arduino-compatible, very small and powerful microcontroller development board. The integrated USB transceiver makes an additional USB-TTL bridge IC obsolete. Together with the micro USB port, Pro Micro Atmega32u4 is only 4 mm high. With dimensions of 34 x 18 mm is Pro Micro Atmega32u4 only 3/4 of the size of an Arduino Nano, and only half of its height.

The tiny little Pro Micro Atmega32u4 board does all of the Arduino tricks that you’re familiar with:

9 channels of 10-bit ADC, 5 PWM pins, 12 digital I/O as well as hardware serial connections Rx and Tx. Running at 16MHz and 5V, this board will remind you a lot of your other favourite Arduino-compatible boards but this little guy can go just about anywhere.

There is a voltage regulator on board which can accept a power supply of 6-9VDC (max. 10V). Make sure to connect the input voltage to the RAW pin and not VCC (5V).

The Pro Micro Arduino compatible board is originally developed as open hardware by the company Sparkfun. It comes with the Atmel Atmega32u4 MCU and runs with 16MHz. A pair of pin headers are included, as shown in the picture.

  • ATmega32U4 running at 5V/16MHz
  • Supported under Arduino IDE v1.0.1 and above
  • On-Board micro-USB connector for programming
  • 9 x 10-bit ADC pins
  • 12 x Digital I/Os (5 are PWM capable)
  • Rx and Tx Hardware Serial Connections

For more information, please follow the link to the official Arduino Pro Micro project page: klick here.

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1 review for Arduino Pro Micro Atmega32u4, 5V, 16MHz

  1. 5 out of 5

    m.p (verified owner)

    This is a Pro Micro clone, built with the same 32u4 chip that’s in the original (and the Leonardo, among a couple of others). The beauty of the 32u4 is that it has USB built into it in such a way that in addition to serial communication and programming, you can get it to act like a keyboard or mouse (there are Arduino libraries to do this).

    Worked right out of the package, pins soldered on nice and clean, and the LEDs are bright. I’m currently using it to read when a switch is closed and then act like a mouse to do a whole bunch of left-clicks to gather stuff in a game I play.

    I bought this when it was $7.75 which is a pretty good price, especially considering that it only took a few days to get here. I see it’s $6.90 now, which is a great price!

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