SX1278 LoRa Long Range Super-Mini Data Modem 433MHz – Antenna

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This super tiny 433MHz SX1278 LoRa Wireless Data Modem Module is just 17x17mm small and offers already with the included coil antenna an impressive range of about 5km.

= FSK/GFSK , LoRa(Long Range) spread spectrum technique

= Half-duplex communication

= Excellent blocking immunity

= Channel rejection ration(ADJ):56dBm

= High RX sensitivity : -139dBm

= ISM multiband, free of charge with no need to apply for frequencies

= Optional multi-frequency, multiple transmission rate can be applied in FDMA and FM technologies

= Intelligent reset, low voltage monitor, timing wakeup, low-power mode, sleep mode

= Low power RX current: 12~13 mA

= 256 Bytes FIFO TX/RX

=ISSI channel detection

= Transmission mode: FIFO / direct mode (recommend FIFO packet mode)

= Configuration: AFC, air wakeup, low power carrier sense, FEC error correction, AEC encryption


= Remote control and data collection system

= AMR (water meter, ammeter and gas meter) automated meter reading

= Wireless handheld unit, oil field, mining area, construction site, factory

= Industrial data collection, transmission and intelligent control

= Wireless alarm system

= Smart home system

= Baby monitor, Hospital calling system

= Small size wireless data terminal


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