USB to RS485 Interface Adapter – 2 Wire – CH340 – Windows – Mac OS – Linux

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A USB to RS485 Interface Adapter with a CH340 chipset is a device that allows you to convert a USB signal to an RS485 signal and vice versa. The “2 wire” in the description refers to the number of wires used for the RS485 communication. With a 2-wire RS485 interface, only 2 wires are used for transmitting and receiving data. The CH340 chipset is a low-cost USB-to-serial adapter that is commonly used in low-cost USB-to-RS485 adapters.

This type of adapter is useful when you want to connect a computer or other USB-enabled device to an RS485 network for communication purposes. The adapter connects to the USB port of the computer and converts the data sent over USB into an RS485 signal that can be transmitted over the RS485 network, and vice versa.

USB to RS485 Interface converter for communication up to 4000 ft distance at 100kbps over a single twisted pair!

Chipset CH340G with drivers for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Will be recognized as a standard COM port from your computer.

We recommend downloading the required USB driver for your operating system from WCH official website.

We recommend our 4-wire RS485 USB interface for symmetric bus connections.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    I am using this for communication to Emerson Motor drive, and Watlow thermo cotroler. Working very good.

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