256kbit FRAM Memory Module for Arduino

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The 256kbit FRAM Memory Module for Arduino helps you upgrade your Arduino or ESP32 with 32KB (256kbit) extra memory! Unlike Flash memory, FRAM cells can achieve almost unlimited read/write cycles without showing quick-wear. Our MB85RC256V Memory Chip enables each byte to be read and written instantaneously while keeping information for at least 95 years at room temperature.

This non-volatile memory module boasts a selectable I2C device address, allowing for up to 8 memory modules to be operated on the same I2C bus. With a supply and logic voltage of 2.7-5.5V, our FRAM memory module is versatile and compatible with various microcontroller models.

Upgrade your projects with confidence and durability with our FRAM Memory Module for Arduino and other microcontroller models. Experience the benefits of FRAM technology and get your hands on our reliable memory module today!

Download MB85RC256V Datasheet

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