ESP-01 Programmer ESP-Link CP2104 V1.0

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ESP-01 Programmer ESP-Link CP2104 is a “real” programming adapter, and it switches the ESP-01 Wi-Fi module automatically in Download Mode to flash your program code to the AI Thinker ESP-01 and ESP-01S modules.

CP2104 USB Chip works under Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Drivers are available on the Silicon Labs website.

This ESP-01 Programmer fits our ESP8266 Module ESP-01S.

2 reviews for ESP-01 Programmer ESP-Link CP2104 V1.0

  1. 5 out of 5

    Dan Gimon (verified owner)

    Works perfectly!!
    I bought a 5 pack of ESP8266-01S boards that came with a USB programmer but I could not get it to work. This one worked first try. Definitely recommended.


    The CH340 based module can be used as a programmer as well, but only with a (simple) trick. It is easy if you know how to set the ESP8266 chip into bootloader mode. But the CH340 module is meant to be a communication interface, not really a programmer.
    This module here, with the CP2104 USB-UART chip, is a true programmer for the ESP-01 and ESP-01S and makes things a lot easier.

  3. 5 out of 5

    carl knowles

    Order arrived in a timely manner. Product was received in working order and performs as advertised.

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