4 Port USB Hub Module USB 2.0 Genesys Logic GL850G

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Our 4 Port USB Hub Module is based on the well-known Genesys Logic GL850G controller with an embedded 8-bit RISC processor.

  • GL850G is Genesys Logic’s advanced version hub solution which fully complies with Universal Serial Bus Specification Revision 2.0.
  • GL850G inherits Genesys Logic’s cutting-edge technology on cost and power-efficient serial interface design.
  • GL850G has proven compatibility, lower power consumption figures and a better cost structure than any other USB2.0 hub solution worldwide.

The small module is designed to fit into small cases together with other components like UART modules, thumb drives and development boards, rather than being an external accessory. Power is provided through the USB host connection only – no additional power supply is required.

Maximum current draw per port: 500mA
Module dimensions (PCB): 37 x 47 mm



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