Mini DC-DC automatic buck/boost SEPIC converter 5V 600mA

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Introducing our brand new Mini DC-DC Automatic Buck/Boost SEPIC Converter 5V, the perfect solution for your voltage conversion needs. Measuring just 19 x 14mm, this small yet powerful module delivers a stable 5V output voltage and up to 600mA of output power from an input voltage range of 3-15V.

This converter is ideal for a range of projects that require a 5V power supply from various sources, such as a single lithium cell or a 9V battery. The high switching frequency of 1.2MHz allows for a design with small components, making it both efficient and space-saving.

With the ability to adjust the output voltage through a resistor voltage divider in the feedback circuit, this module offers flexibility and customization for your specific needs. Additionally, the EN pin (enable) can be controlled by a switch or a logic output from another device, giving you even more control over your power supply.

Boasting a low quiescence current of just 0.2mA, this module is energy-efficient and perfect for projects where power consumption is a concern. Its compact size of 19 x 14mm makes it easy to incorporate into your project without taking up too much space.

Overall, our Mini DC-DC Automatic Buck/Boost SEPIC Converter offers high performance and versatility in a small and efficient package. Order now to experience the benefits of this powerful voltage conversion solution.


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