Automatic DC-DC Buck-Boost SEPIC Converter 10A, 1-30V

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An Automatic Buck-Boost DC-DC SEPIC Converter 10A output current and adjustable output voltage of 1V to 30V DC.

The input voltage can be anything between 5V and 32V, and the module switches modes between buck (step-down) and boost (step-up) automatically.

For example, you can adjust the output voltage to 12V and feed it from a 12V car battery. Regardless of whether the battery voltage is somewhere between 10V and 14.4V, the output voltage would always be 12V.

  • Input voltage: 5-32V DC
  • Output voltage: 1-30V DC
  • Output current max: 10A
  • Output current continuous: 8A
  • Module size: 78 x 47 mm
  • Max power output: 80W without additional cooling
  • Max power output: 130W with additional cooling


  • The 3 trimmer potentiometers on the Automatic SEPIC Converter 10A Module are used to adjust the constant output voltage (CV), the constant output current (CC) and the under-voltage protection (UV).
  • Make sure you adjust the CV setting before you connect your load and measure the output voltage to not blow up your load.
  • If you drive LEDs, you will set a voltage a little higher than the LED voltage and limit the current with the CC setting to the value your LEDs require.
  • If your under-voltage protection is set to a higher value than the voltage of your power source, the fault LED will show you the active battery protection and it will not turn on.
  • Adjust the UV value to a lower voltage than your power source, or to the discharge cut-off voltage of your battery.

The values for power output of the SEPIC Converter 10A are only estimates and under certain test conditions. If the module shuts down due to overheating, you need to take care of additional cooling.


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