DC-DC 5V Boost Converter TO-220, 0.9-5V input

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We love this smart idea! A voltage regulator with the standard 7805 pinouts, with 5V output voltage, and a huge advantage: It replaces the typical voltage drop regulator, which needs a much higher input voltage of 7-35V. This 5V Boost Converter converter only needs an input voltage of 0.9 to 5V, for its 5V output voltage. When you needed a 9V power supply or 4 AA/AAA batteries, to have the voltage high enough to convert it to 5V, you can now just use a single battery, or 2 or 3, or even 1 lithium cell with 3.7V, depending on the current you need.

This little module replaces the 7805 voltage regulator 1:1, to switch from power supply operation to battery operation.

The DC-DC converter does not need any heat sink, and also the capacitors you will find on the in- and output of a 7805 are not necessary anymore.

Efficiency: 75-90%
Footprint: TO-220
Input voltage: 0.9 – 5V DC
Output voltage: 5V
Output current: 40-480mA*

* depending on input voltage for example:
1V => 40mA
2V => 150mA
3V => 380mA



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