I2C to 8 Bit Parallel IO Expander PCF8574 – Cascadable

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I2C to 8 Bit Parallel IO Expander PCF8574 allows a maximum of 8 of these modules to be daisy-chained to a maximum of 64 digital IO.

8 different I2C addresses can be selected after a small modification:
The I2C address on these modules is fixed by default, but it can be changed by cutting the 3 short traces shown in the picture and adding jumper caps instead.

The modules contain 10k pull-up resistors for the I2C bus. Please understand that these resistors will be connected in parallel when you cascade multiple modules.

The library for Arduino is available.

Supply voltage: 2.5 – 6V
Max. combined current: 100mA
Output current source: 1mA max.
Output current sink: 25mA max.


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