EverSet ES100 WWVB BPSK Atomic Clock Starter Kit

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This starter kit includes one ES100 WWVB receiver module, the carrier board kit and 2 antennas fine-tuned to 60kHz together with an antenna holder and 2 mounting screws.

For details about the ES100 WWVB BPSK Atomic Clock Receiver please see the product description of the receiver module here on our website.

We also provide a code example for Arduino to easily read the received and decoded time and date information and send it over a serial connection.

Additionally, we have a fully-fledged ES100 WWVB Application Development Kit (DIY Soldering Kit) to help engineer develop their own commercial project.

The kit we offer here contains:
– 1 x ES100-MOD 3.3V Receiver Module
– 1 x ES100-MOD Carrier Board (DIY Kit)
– 2 x Antenna 60kHz (60 x 10mm)
– 1 x Antenna holder 90 degrees
– 2 x mounting screws for the antenna holder

Please note that the ES100-MOD Carrier Board is a DIY soldering kit and not already factory assembled.

For the documentation please see the ES100-MOD catalogue page.

1 review for EverSet ES100 WWVB BPSK Atomic Clock Starter Kit

  1. 5 out of 5

    Catherine R.Catherine R.

    This is a good WWVB receiver kit with great sensitivity even in the same room as computers and WiFi. It is not a beginners kit. It connects to a microcontroller using i2c serial and it decodes the WWVB signal for you. The code that is provided via the Universal Solder Website is adequate to get started. So it really does what it says and does it well.

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