Optical Fingerprint Reader AS608

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The Optical Fingerprint Reader AS608 can memorize and recognize up to 300 different fingerprints.

With a reading time of just about 1s and a search time of less than 1s, the Optical Fingerprint Reader AS608 is a great choice for quick and reliable access control applications.

The web is full of code examples and instructions about using the AS608 together with Arduino and other platforms.

A breakout cable for serial connection is included.

  • Power supply: 3.3V, 60mA
  • Fingerprint read time: <1s
  • Database search time: <1s
  • False admission rate: <0.001%
  • Rejection rate: <1%
  • Reader resolution: 500dpi

How to use AS608 Fingerprint Reader with Arduino (Makerportal)