Rain Drop Sensor analog and digital out for Arduino etc.

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Rain Drop Sensor 40 x 55mm sensor area, analog and digital (trigger) output, adjustable sensitivity. Compatible with Arduino and other Micro Controllers.

Rain Drop Sensor analog digital Arduino compatible contains the raindrop sensor element, and the sensor/trigger board. The power supply should be chosen accordingly to the connected microcontroller because the output voltage is about the supply voltage. It means, depending on your microcontroller, the power supply should be for example 5V for an Arduino Uno, or 3.3V for an Arduino Due or Zero.

Please see the schematic; it shows the trigger circuit which is pretty much the same for all similar-looking sensor boards. Only the analog output is not shown on the drawing, but the analog output is just the straight signal from the sensor electrodes.

  • Operating Voltage (max.) 2- 36V
  • Operating Voltage (recommended) 1.8 / 3.3 / 5.0V
  • Trigger output with adjustable sensitivity.
  • Max. output (sink) current 16mA.
  • Dimension sensor 40x 55mm, 6.6g
  • Dimension PCB 15 x 31 x 7 mm, 2.3g



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