AM FM Radio DIY Soldering Kit CF210SP

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The AM FM Radio DIY soldering kit CF210SP is an advanced kit that needs some experience to be built.

It combines FM and AM radio (two-band) and operates in the frequency range of 76-108MHz (FM) and 525-1605kHz (AM).

The SMD chip TDA9088 takes care of FM reception and a TDA7642 of AM reception. Another integrated circuit (TDA2822) operates as an audio amplifier.

Some SMD soldering is required! To build this AM FM Radio DIY Soldering kit, you only need to match the parts in the bag with the positions on the PCB.

The kit includes instructions in Chinese, but you really don’t need them.

But if you prefer instructions in English, you can download them here (without the drawings):
Assembling instructions in English

We can also recommend the following website:
Lui Gough’s assembling repost and instructions

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