RS485 Modbus Temperature Humidity Sensor High-Accuracy SHT40

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Our RS485 Modbus Temperature Humidity Sensor features the new 4th generation 16-bit SHT40 sensor chip from Sensirion.

The Modbus Sensor Module with 2-wire RS485 interface requires an external supply voltage of 5-30V DC and is compatible to the industry standard Modbus-RTU protocol.

Temperature measuring capabilities:
Range -40° to 125°C
Accuracy 0.2°C
Response time 2s

Humidity measuring capabilities:
Range 0-100%
Accuracy 1.8%
Response time 6s

The pluggable screw terminal and the standard 35mm DIN-rail mount make installation or replacement very easy.

In default configuration, the sensor communicates at 9600 Baud, 8N1. But we have seen sensors that responded to different settings, like 8N2, 8E1 or 8O1. But you should be able to figure this out easily. The default communication address is 1 (1-247).

Dimensions: 65.5 x 46mm
Weight: 40g


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