ESP8266 D1 Mini DS18B20 Temperature Sensor


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This Digital Temperature Sensor with 1-Wire Interface for WEMOS D1 applications measures temperatures between -55 and +125 degrees Celsius.

Libraries for this sensor type and different programming environments, for example for Arduino or Raspberry, are available and easy to find.

A temperature alarm condition can be programmed right in the sensor (nonvolatile).

Every sensor element comes with a unique, digital serial number. Therfore, multiple sensors can be connected to the same 1-Wire interface.

– voltage supply 3.0 to 5.5V DC
– operating current ca. 1.5mA
– standby current ca. 3uA
– transmission current 1mA/4mA (logic 1/0)

For more information please refer to DS18B20 datasheet.

Example codes for Wemos D1 Mini Sensors and Modules (GitHub)

Another source for Wemos D1 Mini compatible Arduino libraries

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