Pulse Generator Adjustable Pulse Width 1Hz-1.5MHz DIY Soldering Kit with NE555

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Pulse Generator Adjustable Pulse Width 1Hz-1.5MHz with NE555 (DIY soldering kit)

After assembling, the module requires 5-12V power supply (standard 2.1/5.5mm DC plug). We recommend our USB power supply cables.

The frequency range can be selected by setting 1 of the piano switches to “ON”. Frequency and pulse width can be adjusted on the 2 multi-turn trimmer potentiometers.

Until a frequency of about 40Hz you can see the LED flashing. At such low frequency, you can see the impact of the pulse width adjustment on the LED.

The output pins are short circuit protected. Here you can grab the signal and connect it to a following circuit.

You should understand that this simple circuit is to demonstrate the use of the NE555 timer IC. The frequency drifts with the supply voltage, and changing the pulse width affects the frequency. If you need a precision clock generator, you might check out our other function generators.