NXP TEA5767HN FM Stereo Mini Radio Module for Arduino

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FM Stereo Mini Radio with TEA5767HN from NXP is a single-chip electronically tuned FM stereo radio for low-voltage applications with fully integrated Intermediate Frequency (IF) selectivity and demodulation. The radio can be tuned to the European, US, and Japanese FM bands.

TEA5767HN is controlled over I2C by an external Microcontroller, for example, an Arduino board. Please use an internet search to find plenty of projects using this module and Arduino controllers, develop your own project using the microcontroller of your choice, or check out our website for a collection of links to great TEA5767HN projects and the TEA5767HN datasheet.

– Supply Voltage 3V (2.5-5.0V max.)
– Logic Level 3V (2.5-5.0V max.)
– PCB Size 30 x 31mm
– Antenna Input 3.5mm Jack (Antenna included)
Audio Output 3.5mm Jack

– High sensitivity due to integrated low-noise RF input amplifier
– FM mixer for conversion to IF of the US/Europe (87.5 MHz to 108 MHz) and Japanese (76 MHz to 91 MHz) FM band
– Preset tuning to receive Japanese TV audio up to 108 MHz
– RF Automatic Gain Control (AGC) circuit
– LC tuner oscillator operating with low cost fixed chip inductors
– FM IF selectivity performed internally
– No external discriminator needed due to fully integrated FM demodulator
– Crystal reference frequency oscillator
– Phase-locked loop (PLL) synthesizer tuning system
– I2C-bus and 3-wire bus, selectable via pin BUSMODE
– 7-bit IF counter output via the bus
– 4-bit level information output via the bus
– Soft mute
– Signal dependent mono to stereo blend [Stereo Noise Cancelling (SNC)]
– Signal dependent High Cut Control (HCC)
– Soft mute, SNC and HCC can be switched off via the bus
– Adjustment-free stereo decoder
– Autonomous search tuning function
– Standby mode
– Two software programmable ports
– Bus enable line to switch the bus input and output lines into 3-state mode


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