Acrylic Enclosure for LCD 1602 16×2

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Enclosure for LCD 1602 is a stand for 16×2 standard LC Displays (as seen in the pictures).

The enclosure is made from laser-cut, 2.5mm thick acrylic sheets.

Included in the kit are the acrylic parts and the mounting hardware, like bolts and nuts.

The display is not included.

7 reviews for Acrylic Enclosure for LCD 1602 16×2

  1. 5 out of 5

    Aruna Hewapathirane (verified owner)

    Enclosure as shown and described. Good Enclosure.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Thomas S.Thomas S.

    I keep an 16×2 LCD attached to my Raspberry Pi, controlled by a python script, that just scrolls out different stats about my home network/pi-hole. Before, I kinda just had the LCD propped up and hanging off the Pi all loosey goosey, but this stand makes things so much cleaner.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Francesco Mangano

    Prodotto di ottima fattura…semlicissimo da montare…elegante …pienamente soddisfatto

  4. 5 out of 5


    a bit fragile but very nice!

  5. 5 out of 5

    Mark J.Mark J.

    Love this for my 16×2 char. disp, great looks and design, need them for common char. and GFX LCDs
    A perfect fit for the 16×2 Parallax Serial Character Display display connected my Raspberry Pi 4 B+ GPS synchronized Stratum I NTP Server. I use a bash script to sync and strobe the LCD display and I wanted a nice, well built stand to get a more professional look. Whoever thought of the slocketed screw design was a genious, but yet it was so intuitive to assemble it didn’t even need instructions. Love it! I just wish they made a version for other standard LCD display form factors. The closest I came to was on AdaFruit, but it was discontinued. Nowadays you can get I2C display drivers for a variety of Character and Graphical LCDs on eBay such as the 20×2 C, 12864 G, and even the bigger stuff like backlit 40x4s Character and 240128 graphical displays. I just shelled out $20 for them each. I think it would be super sexy to have these other sizes available as the same exact type of acrylic set up (hint hint Universal Solder🤞😺🤓) as the PCB template is the same if you want it in OLED, TFT Color Display, Monochrome white on blue (like surplus displays for copiers and fax machines), 16 bit color LED backlight character displays, and sometimes more exotic stuff like vacuum fluorescent displays and OLED and even far out stuff like e-paper. What’s interesting is that the displays no matter the media, share nearly the exact same dimensions in the displays themselves and the boards that drive them down to the screw-holes except in hight. They even try to place the IDC 16, 18, 20, 22 and straight 16 connectors in the same spots even if the pin out varies to make them almost interchangeable in office and micro-controller equipment. Right now there is a glut of it from China on eBay and I am taking advantage of it. They make displays for the smaller lines Japanese display makers like Sharp. Once you get to that point you start to get into the QVGA and VGA, 320×240 and 640×480 respectively, and now even HD wise form factor portable UHD 2k to 8k TVs like the ones used in car headrests for example. I have a 7 inch one that was built into a case for my Raspberry Pi. You guys could make a killing by filling the void in the hobbiest market for display holders for commonly available display modules that are favored my many a maker that experiments with microcontrollers or low cost efficient single board computers like Arduino And the Raspbery Pi with their GPIO pins. Some of these devices can communicate at the hardware level such as serial or I2C and the network level either by working in tandem as a network PLC that can power displays of the types I mentioned or stand alone, both powerful in their own right. These can also scale up to being integrated with robots with Sensors and AI from Intel. Even in those extreme examples a display enclosure solution like this would look beautiful. Ot would be nice if you guys sold a variety of them in these various common form factors.

  6. 5 out of 5

    J. Nagy

    Well made – precise acrylic cuts.

  7. 5 out of 5

    S. Lentz

    Handy way to keep the display from flopping around when wiring up Arduino projects. Delivery took a long time. Small screws, but once assembled its solid.

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