Attiny85 development module with micro-USB (for Arduino IDE)

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This is another version of the popular Attiny85 Arduino-compatible Development Board, originally released by Digistump.

This version here comes with a micro USB port instead of the PCB in the shape of a USB-A plug. This design here is more reliable, and it is safer for your USB port and your computer, since the original design with the PCB edge USB port can cause shortcuts and damage to your computer, if not properly connected.

  • On Board Controller: ATtiny85
  • Supported Platform: Arduino IDE (1.0 and newer)
  • Power Source: USB or External (5V or 6-15V)
  • On-Board LDO: 5V, 150mA
  • Built-in Micro-USB: for programming and debugging
  • Input/Output: 6 GPIO with programmable functions (USB, I2C, PWM, ADC)
  • Memory: 8k Flash Memory (thereof 2k for the bootloader)
  • On-Board LEDs: Power LED and Test/Status LED
  • Before you can use this module with the Arduino IDE, you need to download and install the driver and board manager files.

It is very important that you read and understand the instructions since this module is different from standard Arduino devices to program using Arduino IDE. Most support requests and returns are related to ignoring the necessary instructions.


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