Attiny88 USB Development Module

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The Attiny88 USB Development Module “Tiny88” is a cost-efficient 16MHz Arduino-compatible microcontroller development board. With the ability to use the well-known Arduino IDE, it will help you to accomplish many smaller projects where other Arduino development modules are too expensive, too big or too power-hungry.

Support Arduino IDE 1.0+ (OSX/Win/Linux)
Power supply: USB 5V or Vin 7-12V
I/O: 26 GPIO, thereof 2 for USB communication and 8 analog inputs
Memory: 8k Flash Memory (about 6k free with installed Arduino bootloader )
Serial interfaces: I2C and SPI
Size (mm): 44.5 x 18.3

Headers are included but not factory assembled. Needs soldering.

Download the Digistump USB driver package for Attiny and install the drivers. There is a version for 32 and for 64-bit OS. You will see it.

To add support for the Attiny88 USB development to the Arduino IDE, install the board manager file by adding the following address to “Additional Board Manager URLs”:
Then open the board manager in Arduino IDE, search for “tiny88”, and install the board manager files. MH-ET LIVE Tiny88 is now available.

To upload your program, start the upload process and press the reset button or plug the USB cable in at the moment when you are asked to do so.