DDS Function Generator DIY Soldering Kit with LCD

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DDS Function Generator DIY Kit with LCD includes an already assembled and tested circuit board, a black acrylic enclosure, and two knobs for the potentiometers.

The module has two outputs; one marked “DDS” for the programmable frequency in the range of 1Hz to 65kHz, and the other one marked “HS” for a square wave with selectable frequency of 1, 2, 4 or 8MHz.

Off set and amplitude of the DDS signal can be adjusted using the two potentiometers.

The DDS Function Generator Module with LCD is able to produce:
– sine wave
– square wave
– sawtooth
– reverse sawtooth
– triangle wave

Besides these standard waveforms, the DDS Function Generator DIY Kit with LCD can be set to produce an ECG-style waveform (like a heartbeat) and white noise.

The 2-line display shows the name of the waveform and the frequency, the 5 buttons allow for easy settings.

Operating voltage: 6.5 – 10.5V DC, <70mA
Output impedance: <200 Ohms.

We recommend our 9V USB power supply cable (link).

Operating instructions:

  1. Connect the power supply to the PCB and adjust the LCD contrast with the small potentiometer (R22) on the backside of the PCB. The factory setting will only show a black screen.
  2. Assemble and mount the enclosure, then turn the 2 potentiometers to their middle position and push the knobs, with the marker facing 12 o’clock, onto it.
  3. The up and down buttons change the waveform, left and right adjust the frequency. The center button starts the output and locks the keypad.
  4. To change settings, stop the output by pressing the center button, adjust the settings, and press the center button again to start the output again.


A disclaimer, because it really happened in the past:
Do not expect to receive a product in the quality of a $20k Rohde & Schwarz device! This is a hobby project and not meant to compete with lab equipment.