FNIRSI 1014D Digital Oscilloscope 2 in 1 with Function Generator

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FNIRSI-1014D is an ultra-light, ultra-versatile Digital Oscilloscope 2 in 1 with function generator for beginners and advanced users. The device combines a 100MHz / 1GS/s digital 2-channel oscilloscope with storage for about 1000 screenshots and a digital DDS 12-function generator.

The FNIRSI-1014D Oscilloscope and Function Generator comes with 5V power supply, USB cable, and 2 probes (1x and 10x). The oscilloscope inputs are protected against a high voltage of up to 400V.

The USB power supply comes with the nice advantage of allowing for powering the scope from a USB booster pack or the USB charging port in your vehicle (2.1A), making it a mobile scope without the disadvantages of the smaller handheld units.

Make sure you read the manual carefully. It contains some very important hints and instructions, especially in case you are working with higher voltage and higher frequency.

Specifications Oscilloscope:

Analog bandwidth 100MHz * 2
Number of channels 2 channels
Maximum real-time sampling rate 1GSa/s
Vertical sensitivity 50 mV/div ~ 500 V/div
Horizontal time base range 50S/div ~ 10nS/div
Maximum test voltage 40 V (1X probe), 400 V (10X probe)
Storage depth 240Kbit
Input resistance 1MΩ
Input resistance 8bits
Coupling mode AC/DC
Trigger mode Single, Normal, Auto
Trigger edge Trigger edge
External trigger voltage 0 – 40 V 0 – 40 V
Display 7 inch – 800*480
Extension ports USB picture export
Size 340mm x 140mm x 70mm
Weight 1.5kg

The integrated DDS function generator can produce the following waveforms:

  • sine
  • square
  • triangle
  • sawtooth
  • anti sawtooth
  • ladder
  • half & full wave
  • exponential wave
  • multi audio
  • sink pulse wave

The maximum frequency is 10MHz for the sine wave and 2MHz for all other waveforms (1Hz resolution).
All waveforms have a max. output voltage (peak-peak) of 5V.

Download link User Manual FNIRSI 1014D Oscilloscope and Function Generator in English

2 reviews for FNIRSI 1014D Digital Oscilloscope 2 in 1 with Function Generator

  1. 5 out of 5

    Freelancer (verified owner)

    I am very happy with the purchase of this relatively inexpensive, but very good scope and signal generator device.
    It works perfectly and is extremely accurate. It is feature packed for the price. I highly recommend the product, and I highly recommend buying from Universal-Solder for a great shopping experience, great prices, and fast shipping.

  2. 5 out of 5

    David Villeneuve (verified owner)

    This is a great oscilloscope for a hobbyist. Bright, clear display. Very portable. It has all the standard features of professional scopes, with a familiar layout. Two probes and a third BNC connector with alligator clips are provided. I used it to debug some RS-232 signals being sent to a xyz positioner; the triggering options were useful to catch the signals. The internal signal generator is handy. I measured the rise time of the square wave to be about 12 nsec, corresponding to a 30 MHz bandwidth. This limitation could be due to either the generator or the scope. The instructions are clear that the 100 MHz bandwidth only applies to the probes on the 10X setting. For the price, you can’t beat this scope for a home electronics enthusiast.

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