Dual L293D Motor Control Shield for Arduino

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The Dual L293D Motor Control Shield for Arduino is a versatile and powerful module designed to drive a wide range of motors, making it an essential component for robotics and automation projects. This shield can control up to four DC motors, two unipolar/bipolar stepper motors, or two servo motors simultaneously, offering flexibility for various applications.

Key Features:

Motor Compatibility: It can drive four DC motors, two stepper motors (unipolar or bipolar), or two servo motors at the same time​​.

Integrated Circuit: The shield includes two L293D motor driver ICs and a 74HC595 shift register IC. The L293D is a dual-channel H-bridge motor driver capable of controlling two DC motors or one stepper motor per IC. This means the shield can control a total of four DC motors​​.

Voltage and Current Specifications: The shield supports motors with voltage ratings between 4.5V to 25V. The maximum current per channel is 1.2A​​.

Power Supply Flexibility: It can be powered either through the Arduino board or using an external power source. If using a single power source for both the shield and Arduino, a power jumper must be placed on the shield. Alternatively, separate power supplies can be used for the Arduino and the motor shield​​​​.

Connectivity: The shield has two five-pin screw terminals for DC motors (labeled M1 to M4), and these can also be used for connecting stepper motors. Two 3-pin headers are provided for connecting servo motors​​​​​​.

LED Indicator and Safety Features: It includes an on-board LED indicator for power supply sufficiency and a pull-down resistor array to keep the motor switched off when the power is on​​.

Arduino Compatibility: Compatible with Arduino Mega and UNO, it fits on top of the Arduino board. When fitted, six analog pins including pins 2 and 13 remain free for use​​.

Programming and Control:

Motor Control Libraries: For controlling DC motors, the AFMotor library is useful, providing functions to set motor speed and direction. The library allows you to create separate objects for each motor connected to the shield​​​​.

Servo Motor Control: The servo library assists in controlling servo motors, using Arduino’s 16-bit PWM output pins 9 and 10​​.

Stepper Motor Control: The AFmotor library is also used for controlling stepper motors, allowing for precise control over the number of steps, direction, and speed​​


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