HK66T-11 Melody Chip ‘Love Me Tender’ TO-92

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HK66T-11 Melody Chip plays ‘Love Me Tender’ continuously after connecting it to a 3-4.5V supply voltage.

After connecting to the supply voltage, it always starts with the 1st note.

The HK66T series melody chips can drive a piezo speaker directly, or a dynamic speaker using a transistor. Please see the datasheet for the connections.

Typical applications are door bells, alarm clocks or greeting cards.

We offer the HK66T with 4 different melodies:
HK66T-08 “Happy Birthday”
HK66T-11 “Love Me Tender”
HK66T-19 “Für Elise”
HK66T-OA “Jingle Bells”

You can check the sound samples before you buy to make sure you like the melody.

Operating voltage: 3.0 – 4.5 V
Operating current: <0.5mA
Operating temperature: 0 – 60℃

Pin 1 = GND
Pin 2 = 3-4.5V
Pin 3 = output

Listen to sound sample

Download datasheet



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