2.42″ OLED Graphic Display SSD1309 128×64 SPI Blue

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The 2.42″ OLED Graphic Display SSD1309 does not require a backlight, performs in a much wider temperature range than LCD, is capable of I2C and SPI (default) communication and requires only 2.8-3.3V supply voltage.

The driver chip on the 2.42″ OLED Graphic Display SSD1309 is the very common and well-documented SSD1309, by default operating in SPI mode (much faster than I2C).

The communication standard of the 2.42″ OLED Graphic Display SSD1309 can be changed to I2C by removing/adding resistors on the back of the module. Please refer to the SSD1309 datasheet for information about selecting the communication interface standard.

  • Driver IC: SSD1309 (datasheet)
  • Interface: 7-pin, I2C or SPI (default)
  • Display colour: blue on black background
  • Operating temperature: -40 to +70C
  • Operating voltage: 2.8-3.3V
  • Viewing angle: 160 degrees
  • Module dimensions: 72 x 43.5mm
  • Mounting holes: 39 x 68 mm, d=2.8mm
  • Viewing area: 55 x 27.5 mm

The display works, for example with U8GLIB (select SSD1306 driver) for Arduino. SparkFun also offers a library on GitHub.


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