Ultrasonic Distance Measuring Sensor HC-SR04

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Ultrasonic Distance Measuring Sensor HC-SR04 for Micro Controller (Arduino, Raspberry etc.).

The measuring range is about 2 – 400 cm with a resolution of 3 mm.

The HC-SR04 sensor allows very easy ultrasonic distance measuring. The small PCB contains the ultrasonic transmitter, receiver, and control logic. Only 2 digital ports are needed to connect the sensor to a microcontroller; an example code for Arduino is available in the download section below.

The operation voltage is 5V, and power consumption is just about 2mA. The measuring angle is about 15 degrees.

  • Operating Voltage 5V
  • Current Consumption ca. 2mA.
  • Measuring Distance 2-400cm.
  • Measuring Resolution ca. 3mm.
  • Dimensions 20x 16 x 45 mm, 8.3g

User Guide to HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor for Arduino

Arduino Demo Sketch Distance Measurement


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