Touch Sensor Light Switch with Off-Delay 0-60s DIY soldering kit

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Touch Sensor Light Switch with Off-Delay 0-60s DIY soldering kit.

The assembled module requires 5V power supply (standard 2.1/5.5mm DC plug). We recommend our 5V USB power supply cable.

The delay time can be adjusted on the multi-turn potentiometer R2.

The CANADUINO logo on the PCB is the touch sensor, but an external touch sensor can be connected as well.

Bridging the 2 signals on the touch sensor with your finger starts the timer and activates the output (LED and relay). When the time is up, LED and relay will turn off.

The time can be extended any time by touching the sensor again.

We don’t recommend switching main power or high-voltage with the relay (within the limits printed on the relay) even if it would technically be possible. The module is just not designed with the necessary safety precautions and is only recommended to be used with low-voltage loads.