DC-DC converter symmetric voltage 5V, 12V and 3.3V SMD DIY Soldering Kit

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This module is a DC-DC converter that puts out symmetric voltage 5V, 12V, and +3.3V from a single input voltage of 5-24V DC.

The module is a DIY soldering kit with SMD components that requires assembling and measures 51 x 100mm.

A maximum output current of 300mA per voltage is available for +5V, -5V, +12V, -12V and +3.3V.

To use the maximum output power of each channel, the power supply should be able to deliver 15W or more. For example, 3A at 5V or 0.63A at 24V. A mini-USB port and a 2.1/5.5mm barrel connector can take the power supply cable. Symmetric voltage 5V, 12V and additional +3.3V is available on screw terminals and pin headers.

Assembling is no big deal as long you have the right tools. SMD solder paste and a hot-air soldering station would be perfect, but a standard soldering station and solder will do as well.

We include a piece of double-sided, heat-conductive adhesive tape and a set of small heat sinks with every kit. Depending on your use and environment temperature, installing the heat sinks might not be necessary. But it can’t be wrong – just as a precaution.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    David Villeneuve (verified owner)

    This is a unique product, as far as I can see. It provides plus and minus 5V, plus and minus 12V, and plus 3.3V. I use it to power op amp circuits that require plus and minus voltages. It would be nice if this was available assembled.

    The soldering is a bit tricky, because of the surface mounted components. I managed to do it with a regular soldering iron. I suggest that you solder all of the top components first. Note that the two tiny SS34 components are diodes that must go the right way. There are small lines on the SS34 that line up with the white paint on the board. Same for capacitors: negative lead goes to the white painted area.

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