CANADUINO PLC DIY Kit Series 500-AC – WiFi – Industrial Arduino Controller – 120-240V AC



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PLC DIY Kit Series 500 is a loaded, industrial-grade, programmable logic controller do-it-yourself kit, available for 11-35V DC or 100-240V AC supply.

PLC DIY Kit Series 500 features analog and digital inputs and outputs, 0-10V analog capabilities, 4-20mA current loop capabilities, a memory card slot, battery-backed real-time-clock, RS232 and WiFi connection.

PLC DIY Kit Series 500 includes a WiFi module ESP-01S from AI-Thinker and a fully Arduino-compatible MCU module with Atmega2560. It can be programmed with the same tools as an Arduino MEGA2560.

PLC DIY Kit Series 500 is fully supported by the programming software “Visuino” from Mitov Software which offers a graphical interface without the need of writing any code.

Features and Functions:

  • 8 digital inputs 3.5-30V AC or DC
  • 8 digital inputs 3.5-30V DC only
  • 8 analog 0-10V inputs (10 bit)
  • 4 current loop inputs 4-20mA
  • 4 GPIO 0-5V analog or 5V digital
  • 8 relay outputs up to 10A
  • 4 digital open-collector outputs
  • 8 analog 0-10V outputs (8 bit)
  • 2 current loop outputs 4-20mA
  • I2C bus (5V) for sensors etc.
  • Real-Time-Clock with battery backup
  • Micro-SD card slot max. 32GB
  • ESP-8266 WiFi module (2.4GHz)
  • 2 RS232 interfaces for HMI etc.
  • Optional 35mm DIN-Rail mount

Package content:
– CANADUINO PLC 500-AC PCB with all SMD parts assembled
– All through-hole parts as shown in the pictures
Arduino-compatible MEGA2560 Pro mini MCU module
Ai-Thinker ESP-01S (ESP-8266) WiFi module
– CR1220 backup battery for RTC

Available option:
DIN-Rail mounting tray

Documentation (for the completed module):
Dimensional drawings (mounting template) 1:1
Features and Functions Manual V.1
Blynk example project port monitoring
How to connect open-collector outputs Y9-Y12
Pin/Port mapping Arduino MEGA2560 to PLC 500

Order information:
CANADUINO® PLC 500-AC DIY Kit (EAN 4260474038800) SKU 26880
CANADUINO® PLC 500-24 DIY Kit (EAN 4260474037827) SKU 26782
DIN Rail Mount for PLC 500 (EAN 4260474037889) SKU 26788
AI-Thinker ESP-01S module (EAN 4260474035809) SKU 26580
MEGA2560 Pro Mini module (EAN 4260474034208) SKU 26420

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