Dual 18650 Lithium Charger Booster 3V 5V for 2 x 18650 Cells


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The Dual 18650 Lithium Charger Booster is like a “Powerbank” that can be integrated into your Electronic Project.

With 2 Lithium Cells 18650 inserted, it delivers 2 different output voltages of 3V (max. 1A) and 5V (max. 2.2A).

The output voltage is available on several contacts on both sides of the module and also on a standard USB-A port.

To charge the Cells, a 5V (min. 1A) USB power supply needs to be connected to the USB input of the Dual 18650 Lithium Charger Booster.

There is a switch on board to select one of two different modes:

  • In the “normal” Mode, Dual 18650 Lithium Charger Booster will turn off the DC-DC converter on board after about 10s when the output current falls below 30mA.
  • In “hold” Mode, the output will stay on until the battery is drained.


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