Si5351A Clock Generator Module

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The Si5351A clock generator breakout comes with a precision 25MHz crystal reference and internal PLL and dividers to generate just about any frequency, from <8KHz up to 150+ MHz.
The Si5351A clock generator is an I2C-controlled device. By setting up the PLL and dividers you can create precise and arbitrary frequencies. There are three independent outputs, and each one can have a different frequency. Outputs are 3Vpp, either through a breadboard-friendly header or, for RF work, an optional SMA connector. Headers and connectors are not factory assembled and require soldering.
Power supply: 3-5V (3.3V LDO on-board)
Logic level: 3.3V/5V (level shifter on-board)
A library for Arduino and instructions are available on Arduino website.

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