CANADUINO 4-Channel Stackable I2C Relay Shield for Arduino – DIY Kit


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CANADUINO® Stackable I2C Relay Shield for Arduino is available as assembled and tested module or as a DIY soldering kit with all SMD parts already assembled.

It communicates with any compatible 3.3V and 5V Arduino module through its I2C interface and only requires the two I2C signals to address up to 64 relays.

The relays can switch loads up to 3A @ 250VAC per relay output. The relays have normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) contacts to drive loads up to 750VA or larger contactors for even higher switching capacities.

The relay modules are powered by the 5V line available on every 5V Arduino module (e.g. UNO, MEGA, Leonardo), or by an external 5V source connected to the screw terminal if it is a 3.3V Arduino module (e.g. ZERO, DUE).

We include a set of short and long Nylon spacers (M3) that can easily be modified (cut) to fit. Unfortunately, the design flaws of Arduino UNO and MEGA boards make it impossible to use “stock” spacers in all four corners.

We designed a library for Arduino which makes it very easy to address every single relay in a stack of up to 8 modules (max. 64 relays). The library is an installable ZIP file for the Arduino IDE and includes two demo sketches to show its function.

Download CANADUINO® I2C Relay Library (incl. example code) for Arduino

Download PDF Flyer

Included parts:
Relay Module PCB with SMD parts already assembled
– 4 x Short standoffs M3 (Nylon)
– 4 x Long standoffs M3 (Nylon)
– 4 x Nut M3 (Nylon)


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