Si4713 FM Stereo Transmitter Module with RDS

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Si4713 FM Stereo Transmitter Module with RDS is a small and low-power FM Radio Transmitter that can be controlled from, for example, an Arduino module.

The Si4713 FM Stereo Transmitter supports the broadcasting of RDS information (Radio Data System) like the station name, weather or traffic information.

The RDS information can be displayed by any RDS enabled FM Stereo (Radio) like most car radios or home theater receivers.

Our Si4713 FM Stereo Transmitter Module is fully compatible with the Adafruit Si4713 FM Radio Transmitter but about 35% cheaper. Adafruit’s documentation applies to our module as well, and the Arduino code and library, provided by Adafruit, is fully compatible with our transmitter module.

Datasheet, instructions, Arduino library and demo code (external link)

Module dimensions: 19 x 38mm
Supply voltage: 2.7-5.5V