DC-DC converter symmetric output +/- 15V, 1A

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This module is a DC-DC converter symmetric output and delivers +15V and -15V with a maximum current of 1A from a single voltage DC power supply of 17.5 to 28V.

The tiny module measures only 20 x 23mm and proved a high conversion efficiency of about 90% together with a low output ripple of just about 50mV.

Our DC-DC converter symmetric output +/- 15V, 1A is the perfect solution if symmetric voltages are needed but only a single DC voltage of e.g. 24V is available. The module is a great choice to power audio amplifiers and operational amplifiers that require a symmetric power supply.

The switching frequency is factory-programmed to 500kHz but can be changed by replacing a resistor. The same applies to the output voltage. Please refer to the MP1584EN datasheet for details.

Download MP1584EN datasheet 


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