2 Relay Module 10A / 250V – Opto-Insulated Inputs 3-24V for Arduino etc.

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The 2 Relay Module needs a power supply of 5VDC. The optoisolated inputs can handle 3-24VDC control voltage, with a maximum input current of 22mA at 24VDC. A jumper can switch between 2 modes: If the jumper cap is set to VCC and JD-VCC, relays and opto inputs are using the same 5VDC power supply. If the jumper is open, a separated 5VDC power supply can drive the relays and the inputs are open for voltages up to 24VDC. The inputs are LOW-active. It means the output of a microcontroller (like Arduino or Raspberry) draws the input current to GND. The LOW level activates the relay, and a high level (or 3-state level) deactivates the relay.

High-Current relay modules (30A) are available as well.

Finally, we offer relay modules for the ESP-01 IoT module, WeMos D1 Mini, remote-controlled relays, and a WiFi 4-Channel relay DIY kit.

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1 review for 2 Relay Module 10A / 250V – Opto-Insulated Inputs 3-24V for Arduino etc.

  1. 5 out of 5

    Stan Wetmore

    Great little relay board. I use it on a Raspberry Pi at 3.3v with a logic level chip and it works great. I power the board with a 5v power supply. Considering the Covid19 issues it came very quickly.

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