Compact Data Logger Module DS1307, Micro-SD, Battery Backup, I2C/SPI Interface

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Unleash the potential of your Arduino projects with our Compact Data Logger Module DS1307, featuring the DS1307 real-time clock, Micro SD slot, and a backup battery. This compact module, measuring just 34 x 36mm, is an efficient alternative to larger and more expensive data logging solutions, offering a high degree of functionality in a small footprint.

Equipped with a Micro SD or TF card slot (SPI interface) and a level shifter for 5V microcontroller boards, this data logger ensures flexible and reliable data storage. The integrated DS1307 real-time clock chip, complemented by a 32kHz crystal, provides accurate timekeeping and data retention for up to 7 years, powered by a lithium coin cell CR1220 (sold separately).

This module is not only fully supported by well-known Arduino libraries but is also easily manageable by any microcontroller with I2C and SPI capabilities. It includes 56 Bytes of battery-backed, non-volatile memory and operates efficiently within a temperature range of 0-70 degrees Celsius.

Key considerations:

  • SD memory cards may draw over 100mA during write cycles; ensure a stable power supply.
  • Onboard 10k pull-up resistors for the I2C bus.

Whether for tracking environmental data, time-stamping events, or logging sensor readings, this mini data logger is the perfect addition to your Arduino toolkit.

The coin cell CR1220 is not included and must be purchased separately.


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