SMD Soldering Practice Kit 0603 0805 1206 SOT-23 SOP16

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The easiest way to gather new skills is by doing some practice. SMD Soldering Practice Kits are the best way to start with soldering SMD/SMT parts, because you will definitely need some training to not mess up some of your expensive prototypes.

This SMD soldering practice kit contains the following parts:
1 X Circuit Board
20 X 0805 SMD Resistor
20 X 0603 SMD Resistor
10 X 1206 SMD Resistor
10 X 1206 Diodes
1 X 0805 Diodes
6 X SOT-23 Transistor
1 X SOP16 Chip(pin distance is 0.127MM)

You will find out how difficult it already is, to solder an SOP chip, if you haven’t it done at all. The “big” 1206 package parts are considered very easy to assemble, just like 0805. It becomes a little more tricky with 0603 packages. The smallest parts in this kit are not challenging anymore when you have mastered this kit. And then you can move on and assemble your first real SMD project, without messing it up.


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